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1 Pair Heavy Duty Cutting Pliers


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Quantity 1pc
Material Carbon Steel, Plastic
Length 16.5cm (6.5")
Recommended Use Soft wires up to 1mm
Hard wires up to 0.6mm


One pair of cutting pliers, with large, easy to grip handles and a coil spring, best used with soft wires like brass and copper, however they will cut through stainless steel wire and chain up to 0.6mm thick - using them to cut steel will reduce their lifespan, but they are a good budget alternative to more specialised tools for steel cutting.

These pliers have been tested over several months to gauge their performance, they are capable of cutting stainless steel up to 0.7mm thick, but they will start to struggle at this gauge, and will become blunt more quickly. Average life-span when using to cut stainless steel at the recommended gauge or below will be 6-12 months, depending on frequency of usage.