Black Ice Queen - Japanese Lace Chain Maille Hand Flower

Availability Made to order
Construction time 2-3 Days


A dense and striking handflower, constructed from stainless steel and anodized aluminium in a glossy black ice colour, creating a subtle contrast between the darker silver tone of the steel and the grey tone of the aluminium.

The piece features a concave diamond shape that sits across the back of the hand, measuring 8cm x 8cm (slightly over 3"), and a simple two-row bracelet that is finished with a toggle clasp closure, plus a short length of stainless steel chain to loop around the finger.

The bracelet is available in 4 default lengths, a firm fit is recommended for the best results (approximately 2cm larger than your wrist measurement - custom sizing is available).

Metric and Imperial Lengths

  • 16cm - 6.3"
  • 18cm - 7.1"
  • 20cm - 7.8"
  • 22cm - 8.6"