Famowood Glaze Coat 0.47L 2-Part Epoxy Resin

Quantity 1 Box
Package Size 0.47L
(235ml per bottle)
Colour Clear


Create a high-gloss finish on a wide variety of surfaces with this 2-part expoxy resin - Glaze Coat cures to a hard, smooth and crystal clear finish, is waterproof, and heat resistant (to 49°C / 120°F). 

NB: This is not suitable for use as a casting resin, the maximum thickness recommended is 3mm. 

Important note: this item contains hazardous chemicals and must be transported by road only, as such it is ineligible for express shipping within Australia, and may not be shipped internationally. If included with an express or international order, the product will be canceled and refunded from the order prior to dispatch.