Stainless Steel Chain Maille Bracelet Trio

Availability Made to order
Construction time  3 Days


A set three individual bracelets, handcrafted in stainless steel, custom made according to your wrist size and preferred fit. Each bracelet is finished with a lobster clasp closure.

Within the set is a classic Byzantine chain, 5.5mm in diameter, a JPL 3 chain and a delicate double spiral chain - both 5mm in diameter.

The length for each bracelet will vary slightly as they will be made to be worn as a set, and each one will need to fit your wrist at a slightly different size. 

A firm fit will be designed to have a close but not tight fit around your wrist, while a loose fit will be designed to allow approximately 1 finger space between your wrist and the chains.

If the listed sizes don't match your wrist size exactly, please select the closest size rounded up - you can provide the exact measurement during checkout.