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Stainless Steel Orbital Weave Wallet Chain with Skull Clasp


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A handmade wallet chain, constructed from a combination of round and square wire using the Orbital chain weave, complete with a lobster swivel clasp with skull motif at one end, and a smaller, trigger-free swivel clip at the other - all components used are made from stainless steel, and the full end to end length with the attachments is 47.5cm (just under 19").

The chain has a 10mm diameter is is strong as well as flexible, with a total length of 37.5cm (just under 15").

The lobster swivel clasp with skull motif measures 56mm x 23mm (2.2" x 0.9", while the smaller clip measures 36mm x 14mm (1.4" x 0.6").

The total weight of the chain is 120 grams (approx 4.2 oz).