10 Gold Stainless Steel 75mm Eye Pins - Defect Batch

$3.95 $1.95
*Important Note* This batch has flaws in the plating - please check photos and description below
Quantity 10pcs
Material & Grade 304
Length 75mm
Eye 1.5mm internal diameter
Wire Gauge 21 (0.7mm thick)
Wire Temper Half Hard


10 stainless steel eye pins custom made for The Craft Armoury, they're 75mm long and  vacuum plated for the most durable finish - these are sold as unsorted but will generally be quite straight and not bent or curved. 

This batch is being sold at cost as they have a high proportion of pins where the plating is imperfect and patchy - it's a little difficult to show in images, but the second photo shows an example where you can see darker spots along the wire - these are darker than the image shows. I would recommend these for bead-stringing or other projects where this won't be visible.