Mirror Silver Scale Armour Maille Slave Bracelet

Availability Made to order
Construction time  1-2 Days


This slave bracelet has been constructed with light-weight mirror finish aluminium scales and bright silver tone aluminium rings, with a simple handmade stainless steel chain and lobster clasp for the wrist, and a stainless steel cable-link chain for the finger loop.

The scale fabric measures 11.5cm (4.5") long from point to point, and 8cm (3.1") wide - the bracelet is available in a few default sizes and is made with a simple chain that allows for some adjustability, as the clasp can be latched on to any loop.

Please note that the aluminium scales are relatively delicate and can be prone to scratching, so care should be taken when wearing so as not to affect the mirror finish.

Metric and Imperial Lengths

  • 16cm - 6.3"
  • 18cm - 7.1"
  • 20cm - 7.8"
  • 22cm - 8.6"
  • 24cm - 9.4"