Stainless Steel Double Vision Chain Spike Bracelet

Availability Made to order
Construction time  24 Hours


A handmade bracelet using the Double Vision chain mail weave, featuring spikes between each link, which are able to freely swivel to different positions, finished with a lobster clasp closure

All components are made from stainless steel

The chain is 1cm wide, and the spikes add an extra 1cm, making the full width 2cm, and is available in 4 default lengths - the measurements below include the clasp and on average, I recommend choosing a length that is at least 2cm (0.8") longer than your wrist measurement. (Custom sizing is also possible).

Metric and Imperial Lengths

  • 17.5cm - 6.9"
  • 20cm - 7.9"
  • 22.5cm - 8.8"
  • 25cm - 9.8"