Stretchy Rainbow Byzantine Chain Maille Bracelet

Availability Made to order
Construction time  24 Hours


Sizing (length is the equivalent, unstretched end-to-end measurement)

Small - 18cm, recommended for a wrist around 16cm
Medium - 20cm, recommended for wrist around 18cm
Large - 22.5cm, recommended for a wrist around 20cm
Extra Large - 24.5cm, recommended for a wrist around 22cm

A handmade Byzantine chain bracelet, constructed from colourful, anodized aluminium rings in the 7 colours of the rainbow, with stretchy, black EPDM (rubber) connecting rings -
The chain is box-shaped with a 6mm diameter.

The bracelet is light weight and comfortable, and with no clasp is very easy to wear - it simply stretches over the hand.

It's available in four different sizes, and the following size recommendations are intended as a guide to average fit, as the bracelet allows for a small amount of flexibility each way.