Upcoming changes for The Craft Armoury

Upcoming changes for The Craft Armoury

June 16, 2024

This will be quite a lengthy update, but a number of changes will be implemented over the coming week and I wanted to give everyone a heads up. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. These changes involve:

  • Postage costs & options
  • Order discounts
  • Continuing changes to item quantities
  • Gift Cards
  • Site Newsletter

Postage - as some may know, at the beginning of April this year, the cost of postage stamps for letters within Australia was increased quite dramatically. In addition to that, the standard delivery time was increased as Australia Post intend to deliver non-priority and non-express letters every second day, rather than daily. The delivery schedule will be implemented Australia-wide over time, so while daily deliveries may still be occurring in some areas, eventually it will be every second day in all suburban areas

The postage cost for the flat-pack letter has remained the same since the increases came in, but will be increasing on Saturday, 22nd June. The option to upgrade letters to priority at 70c will also be made available. The large (B4) envelope size will also be phased out, since the new pricing and less frequent delivery schedule means that parcel services will be on par both cost and delivery-time wise (parcels should be a little faster than non-priority letters). This will mean that some items which won't suit the smaller envelopes will be switched to parcel options only. Please also note that parcel prices are increasing 1st of July, so both standard and express parcel costs will be increasing in line with that on July 1st.

Order discounts - I am making some adjustments to the discount available on the website, currently it is a flat 5% for five or more craft supply items, however I will be introducing tiered discounts in the hope that overall, more people will save even more this way. The new discounts will be as follows: 5-9 items will be at a 4% discount, 10-19 items will be at a 7% discount, and 20+ items will be at a 10% discount. This new discount structure will also be implemented on the 22nd June, and will be in effect until further notice

Quantity changes - I am still committed to proving better value for money on products in their every day prices (i.e providing higher quantities at better unit prices), and next on the list is a number of the stainless steel beads (particularly the solid drum beads), so please keep an eye out for those changes in the coming weeks, if you use the spacers in your pieces, with new stock coming in soon, I will be able to double quantities per lot at very little to no increase in the current price 

Gift cards - there has been a couple of requests for this as an option, so theyhave now been made available here. They are a very simple digital-only card, with a 3 year expiry

Site newsletter - since these kinds of updates would be much better in newsletter format, the option to sign up for updates is now available. The newsletter will only be sent when there is important info to share, so please rest assured if you sign up, there will be no marketing emails, but they may include product updates like  quantity / price changes, or notice of sale events. The newsletter signup form is available at the bottom of the home page