Scam Warning - Fake Sites Posing as The Craft Armoury

Scam Warning - Fake Sites Posing as The Craft Armoury

March 07, 2024

It has come to attention recently that there are unauthorised websites posing as The Craft Armoury, duplicating our product listings and images, in addition to advertising products which are handcrafted individually and offered only via this website. The following info will help identify fraudulent sites, and ensure your online saftey if you are wanting to purchase any of the products we offer. 

Please beware of any website offering The Craft Armoury's products, particularly at unusually low prices, and / or using the name and any of this website's content - these sites are typically designed to either supply very low quality substitutes that may look only slightly similar to what is advertised, or will simply take payment without supplying any goods at all. Often they are phishing sites, and your personal or financial information will not be safe.

All available options are being pursued to ensure these sites are removed.

While this issue is being addressed, the following tips can help ensure your online safey - the official Craft Armoury webiste only uses the URL visible at the top of your browser (, which will look like the example below

Any other site using The Craft Armoury name and / or its contents is unauthorised and likely fraudulent* - it is best to avoid them entirely, but if you would like to report an unauthorised site, please use the contact form to let us know, and the issue will be attended to ASAP. 

An example of a genuine product page versus a fake product page is provided below for further reference. 



*The Craft Armoury has two official sister stores, which operate on ebay AU and
If you have fallen victim to one of these sites, we recommend seeking advice from your payment provider as soon as possible. As we have no association with unauthorised sites, we'll unfortunately be unable to assist with any recovery of funds, or goods purchased